Managing Commitments and Risks: Challenges in Agile Development

A Co-operative Learning Experience

Jyrki Kontio, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland,
Magnus Höglund, TietoEnator, Espoo, Finland,
Jan Rydén, TietoEnator, Espoo, Finland,
David Raffo, Portland State University, Portland OR USA,
Craig Larman, Valtech, USA,
(Organizers' Biographies)

This co-operative learning event is an eye-opening event that makes participants experience human and organizational dimensions of software development. The purpose is to explore the challenges in commitment management and risk management in agile software development.

Many of the practical challenges in software engineering are not limited to technological issues. Managerial issues, communications, personnel relationships, and skills management often have a substantial impact on a software project's success. This workshop explores and studies these issues of software management from three specific perspectives: how commitments are made and managed, how risks are managed, and what specific challenges face the agile software development context. The issues of commitment and risk management are particularly important in agile development, as agile development is often done in risky domains and it requires particularly strong commitment from participants.

The workshop is based on interactive discussion and involves role-playing. All participants take part in working groups in solving the problem that is presented to them. The participants all take roles as consultants to a company ("Mobile Widget Inc."). Each team will be given a problem scenario and their task is to prepare a presentation for the Mobile Widget Inc. executives on how they plan to solve the problem.

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This is a special event that runs from 6pm to 11pm on Tuesday, May 6th, and includes a dinner.