The Second International Summit on Software Engineering Education (SSEE II)

A Special One-Day Event Devoted to Evaluation of the Computing Curricula Software Engineering (CCSE) Volume

May 5, 2003


Registration is via the Registration link from the main page of the ICSE 2003 web site.

Computing Curricula Software Engineering site:

Members of a joint task force of the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM are currently engaged in the final stages of producing the Software Engineering volume of the Computing Curricula. This volume known as Computing Curricula Software Engineering (CCSE) will be available in draft form for evaluation by the international Software Engineering community at the Summit.

The Theme for the Summit is - Draft vs. Reality.

Following presentations covering the development and content of the volume, the major part of the day will be devoted to an evaluation of the draft. This will be facilitated by highly participative sessions that will involve

The CCSE steering committee wants this evaluation to be made against programmes from across the world. Therefore, if you have an existing Software Engineering programme or can provide an outline for a new programme and you would like it to be considered as a candidate for use in the Summit, then please provide the information requested below to one of the Summit Co-ordinators.

The summit will provide an excellent opportunity for all those interested in Software Engineering education to become involved in the final stages of the project. It will also provide an opportunity to meet with members of the CCSE Steering Committee who will act as facilitators during the day's activities. It will also allow the many voluntary members of the Knowledge Area Focus Group and the Pedagogy Area Focus Group to meet face to face.

Are you interested? Would you like further information? Can you supply details of a programme to be used in the evaluation? If so please contact one of the Summit Co-ordinators:

Barrie Thompson or Helen Edwards
School of Computing and Technology,
University of Sunderland, St Peter's Way,
Sunderland SR6 0DD, United Kingdom.

Registration is via the ICSE web site. Due to support from ACM, IEEE-CS and the University of Sunderland it has been possible to set the Advance Registration fee for Members at only $75.00. Importantly, that includes not only the refreshments at morning and afternoon breaks but lunch as well!

The other registration rates are:

Do you have a programme for consideration? Then please provide the following information (maximum of 4 pages of text) to Barrie or Helen by the 25th of April:

1. Personal Information
Your Name:
Affiliation and contact details:

2. Example SE programme for use in the workshop (Max 600 words in all).
Either an Existing Software Engineering (SE) Programmes or a Proposed Programme
2.1 Outline Description (specify if a single subject programme or a joint/multi subject programme and duration)
2.2 Learning Objectives (you can specify these for the complete programme or for each year/stage)
2.3 Programme Structure and Outline Content

3. Contextual Information for the Programme Described in Section 2
3.1 Country
3.2 University Education
     Normal Duration of the Full Programmes (years/weeks/learning commitment per week)
     Normal age on Entry (for non-mature students)
     Application arrangements
     External/government mechanisms for ensuring educational standards
3.3 Details of Any Involvement by Professional Bodies

A completed example can be found at: