New Software Engineering Faculty Symposium (NSEFS 03)*

A Full-Day Symposium to be held in conjunction with ICSE 2003

May 5, 2003

*Funds to support this symposium have been graciously provided by Nokia and BMW.

Organizer: Leon J. Osterweil, University of Massachussetts,


The challenge of becoming a new Assistant Professor at a research university is one that most people accept with enthusiasm and energy, but also with some trepidation.  One's tenure track appointment is a signal accomplishment and the culmination of many years of hard work.  But, simultaneously, it signals the start of another round of hard work and challenges that are new and often unfamiliar.  Among these new challenges are establishing an independent research program, learning how to teach, learning how to mentor, and deciding how to balance career and personal life.  For a new software engineering faculty member there are additional challenges such as obtaining financial support, supervising the development of software systems, and dealing with skeptical faculty colleagues from other disciplines. 

The purpose of NSEFS 03 is to help new software engineering faculty members to feel more comfortable and confident in dealing with these many challenges.  NSEFS 03 will feature presentations by leading academic software engineering researchers who will provide advice and guidance based upon their personal experiences and insights into the contemporary academic software engineering community.  There will also be ample time for informal and small group interactions with the presenters and other attendees.

NSEFS 03 is designed to be a service to those who are within two years of (either before or after) their initial tenure track academic appointment, although the symposium may be of significant interest and value to others.


Note: Slides from the presentations listed here are now available on NSEFS's permanent home page at:

What Every Young Software Engineering Faculty Member Needs to Know