Oregon, USA

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Oregon... The very word inspired the largest voluntary land migration in recorded history, and not without good reason. Windswept beaches, verdant forests and snow-capped peaks give way to sweeping rangelands, towering rock formations and dramatic river valleys in this incredibly diverse land. Mother Nature's finest elements provide the perfect foil for human innovation, and the result is a vast and ever-changing playground for the soul.

Visit Oregon State Parks!
Portland Area State Parks

The ecologically diverse Pacific Crest Trail runs 2,665 miles along the mountainous spine of the western United States. It meanders through the deserts of southern California, the snowy passes and roaring waterways of the Sierra Nevada, the unbroken wilderness areas of the Oregon skyline, and the spectacular peaks and valleys of the Washington Cascades. Several hundred people attempt to through-hike the trail each year with 10-15 percent of the starters actually reaching Canada from the Mexican border.

National Forests in Oregon invite campers, day hikers, vacationers and Native Oregonians!
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Enjoy a local excursion or tour such as visting Mt. Saint Helens, whale watching on the coast, a winery tour in the Oregon country side or a Native American Cultural Tour on an Indian Reservation from EcoTours of Oregon
Any Coast Guard Station on the coast will also be happy to give you a tour of their grounds and Motor Life Boats. Stop in if you pass by one!

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