Submission Information

Submissions are now closed, this page is being retained for historical purposes only.

ICSE 2003 features a wide range of coordinated events that aim to provide a comprehensive, informative program for software engineering professionals, researchers, managers, and students. We invite you to contribute to our program.

The table below lists the types of submissions encouraged, and provides links to pages providing further information on each submission type. Deadlines for submission vary with submission type, and are summarized on the Submission Deadlines page. Details on submission process also vary with submission type: some submissions will be accepted electronically, others via email. The table below indicates whether submissions are open and, where appropriate, provides links to submission sites, per submission type.

Instructions regarding submission formats and templates are available on the Submission Format page. (Not all submissions are required to adhere to this format; check the instructions for your contribution type by following the appropriate link in the leftmost column below.)

If you are having problems submitting a paper electronically over the Internet, please see the If You Have Submission Problems page.

Submission Type Purpose Submission Details
Technical Papers To report on new work in the research or practice of software engineering. Electronic submission is closed.
Software Engineering
Education & Training
To report on software engineering education and training. Electronic submission is closed.
Experience Reports To provide in-depth description of experiences in building, using and evolving software systems or processes. Electronic submission is closed.
Tutorial Proposals To give short courses on software engineering practices, techniques, and theories. Electronic submission is closed.
Panel Proposals To discuss and debate issues of current interest to the software engineering community. Electronic submission is closed.
Doctoral Symposium
To provide a forum for Ph.D. students to present their research. Email submission is closed.
Research Demonstrations
and Poster Proposals
To present working systems or prototypes, or describe on-going work. Email submission is closed.