International Conference
on Software Engineering®



The ICSE Steering Committee is responsible for constituting and guiding each edition of ICSE, the International Conference on Software Engineering® and for establishing and evaluating practices that are binding upon the organizers of each conference for the continued technical and financial success of ICSE.

ACM and IEEE–CS are co-sponsors of the ICSE and ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE TCSE represent their respective software engineering societies in the organization of the ICSE conference through their participation in the ICSE Steering Committee and through their review and approval of the budget for each conference.

To update the ICSE Steering Committee mailing list, please send a note to infodir_sigsoft@acm.org.

The table below lists the current ICSE Steering Committee members.

Last Updated: June 2017

Name Affiliation Member Status
Jo Atlee University of Waterloo ICSE 2019 GC
Doo-Hwan Bae KAIST, Korea ICSE 2020 GC
Antonia Bertolino CNR - Italian National Research Council and ISTI - Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione A. Faedo ICSE 2015** GC
Gerardo Canfora University of Sannio, Italy ICSE 2015** PC
Daria Shypova IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, USA
IEEE CS ICSE Senior Meeting Planner
Marsha Chechik University of Toronto, Canada ICSE 2018 PC
Jane Cleland-Huang University of Notre Dame, USA ICSE 2020 PC
Ivica Crnkovic Chalmers University of Technology
and Gothenburg University, Sweden
ICSE 2018 GC
Paul Croll Computer Sciences Corporation, USA (ret.) 2nd Past IEEE CS TCSE Chair
Laura K. Dillon
Michigan State University, USA ICSE 2016 GC
Sebastian Elbaum
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA ICSE 2015** PC and Steering Committee Chair
William G. Griswold University of California, San Diego, USA 3rd Past ACM SIGSOFT Chair*
and ICSE 2005 PC
Mark Harman University College London, UK ICSE 2018 PC
Rick Kazman University of Hawaii, USA IEEE CS TCSE Chair
Farrah Khan ACM, New York, USA
ACM ICSE Meeting Planner
Darko Marinov University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA ICSE 2020 PC
Nenad Medvidovic University of Southern California, USA ACM SIGSOFT Chair and ICSE 2011 PC
Hausi A. Müller University of Victoria, Canada 1st Past IEEE CS TCSE Chair
Alessandro Orso Georgia institute of Technology, USA ICSE 2017 PC
Karl Reed La Trobe University, Australia 3rd Past IEEE CS TCSE Chair*
Martin Robillard McGill University, Canada ICSE 2017 PC
David S. Rosenblum National University of Singapore, Singapore 2nd Past ACM SIGSOFT Chair
and ICSE 2004 PC
Gregg Rothermel University of Nebraska, USA ICSE 2020 GC
Tevfik Bultan University of California, Santa Barbara ICSE 2019 PC
Sebastian Uchitel Imperial College, London, UK and
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
ICSE 2017 GC
Will Tracz Lockheed Martin, USA (ret.) 1st Past ACM SIGSOFT Chair
Jon Whittle University of Lancaster, UK ICSE 2019 PC
Willem Visser
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa ICSE 2016 PC
Laurie Williams
North Carolina State University, USA ICSE 2016 PC
* — 3rd Past ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE CS TCSE Chairs rotate off after next elections
** — ICSE 2015 members will rotate off the Steering Committee at the end of the meeting at ICSE 2018